The BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips

What is the LFLFC?

As its name implies, the BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC) is a tagged, structured collection of clips from foreign language films.

The database and clips are intended for the sole use of instructors at participating institutions as part of their foreign language course curriculum. These clips can be used only within the Fair Use Guidelines of U.S. Copyright Law. Currently the database is accessible only to faculty and graduate student instructors at the institutions listed here.

Get More Information

For more information about this project, contact , Associate Director of the BLC and manager of this project.

Getting Involved

If you’re a faculty member or graduate student instructor at one of our participating institutions, you may apply for an account. You will be asked to confirm that your use of the clips will comply with Fair Use; you will also be asked to supply your email and department information. You will receive an email with your login ID as soon as your application is accepted, or we’ll let you know why your application was not approved.

Once you’re a registered user of the LFLFC, you will also be able to help out by volunteering to cut and tag clips from films owned by your institution. Registered users can also make comments on clips. Share your knowledge with colleagues and help us improve our database for all UC users!

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