Required Reading

Terms of Use

Our legal right to use these copyrighted foreign language films is predicated on our claim that our activities fall under the fair use doctrine. To maintain that claim users of the BLC's Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC) must explicitly agree to the following:

  • I am employed at one of the institutions listed here to teach a foreign language or film studies course in the current quarter/semester.
  • The LFLFC site will be used for my personal browsing, viewing, and ordering of clips only. I will NEVER show this site to students and NEVER use this site to show clips in any kind of public setting (e.g., classroom, professional conference, etc.). The only "public" display of film clips will be through the URLs provided when I "order" a clip.
  • Certified instructors are given access through a logon and password. I understand that this logon is for my individual use only and will NEVER be shared with anyone else.
  • I understand that the URLs for accessing the clips will be emailed to me. I agree that I will limit my use of the URLs to their posting on a university-sponsored, university-controlled, password-protected learning management site; personal course sites are acceptable if they are on a university server. The university-sponsored site must be password protected and accessible ONLY to students registered in the course. I will not distribute the URL to the students through other means (email, writing them in a handout or on the blackboard, etc.).

In other words, the URL on a password-protected website accessible only to students in your class is the ONLY way to distribute these clips for student viewing.

Failure to meet the aforementioned conditions will result in PERMANENT LOSS OF ACCESS to the LFLFC and notification to your department chair and dean of your violation of this agreement.

I agree to these terms.

System Requirements

To view clips, you will need a broadband connection and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. If you’re not sure what version you have, click here to find out. Ensure that it matches the version number listed for your platform and browser under the “Current Flash Player Versions” heading. If it doesn’t, go here to get the latest version for your platform/browser.

The Library requires the use of a modern browser. We recommend Firefox. Internet Explorer for Windows is not supported! This site also requires the use of JavaScript and cookies. Please make sure you have these enabled in your browser, at least for our site.

Use Limitations

To meet fair use requirements on extent of copying, an instructor may not order more than 20% of the total running time of a film. For a standard length film of 100 minutes, with typical clips running 2-3 minutes, users would be limited to roughly eight clips from the film.

Clips may be ordered for a 14-day period. Two weeks from the date the clips are ordered, they will be made inaccessible.

Requests for exceptions to this policy may be made in writing (email) to the Director or Associate Director of the Berkeley Language Center.

The LFLFC is not a mechanism for delivering films in their entirety to students. If your purpose is to show a film in a class, instructors may check out the DVD from their campus’ collection for that purpose. Apparently, at this time there is no legal way to make an entire film accessible to your students over the Internet.